LGBT+ History Month Stockport February 2021

Welcome to LGBT+ History Month in Stockport 2021!! We are delighted to bring you over 30 events and activities based around the theme of Body, Mind, Spirit.

In what has been the toughest year in living memory for most of us, is it vital that we come together to "claim our past, celebrate our present, create our future" (LGBT+ History Month's motto)

With a mix of fun, serious and educational activities we hope to bring together our beautifully diverse community and showcase local talents.

Please understand the complexity of organising an entire month of virtual activities, at a time such as this - some events may change slightly so please keep an eye out on social media.

We hope you enjoy the month! Sending rainbows to you all.🌈

Thank you to all the organisations that have come together to organise these LGBT+ History Month events in Stockport special thanks to APS, One Stockport and Gavin Sturgeon